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Children at St Augustine's Nursery

St Augustine's Nursery children at the park

All the staff are friendly, trained and experienced within childcare!


About Us

St Augustine's Nursery is a charitable organisation run by a voluntary committee of dedicated parents, in conjunction with the management team.

Within St Augustine's Nursery, we are proud of a high ratio of adults to children. This enables our experienced staff members to operate a "key person system". This gives each child one special adult to relate to and the key person is in a position to tailor the group’s curriculum to the unique needs of each individual child. The key person works in association with parents/carers through shared record keeping, to ensure that all children are supported in reaching their full potential, Called My Learning Journey.

The nursery is managed by Mandy Day who holds the relevant level 4 qualification in nursery management, with the support of deputy managers, and a high ratio of NVQ3 qualified staff.

One parent of a child currently attending the nursery states that,

“One of the ways in which St Augustine’s stands out from the rest is how friendly and approachable every single member of staff is. They always greet the children by name as they come in, are there if you want to speak to them, and often tell you something that has happened during your child’s session which your child has enjoyed. I cannot recommend the nursery highly enough”.

Our recent OFSTED inspection found the overall quality of our provision was "good" and "outstanding" for our partnership with parents.

St Augustine's Nursery supports the Free For 2 scheme,offering funded places for some children under the age of 3. From the age of 3, all children are entitled to 15 government funded hours per week.

Quoted from our OFSTED report;

"The unique needs and interests of the children are promoted very well by practitioners who support their welfare and learning effectively. All children are able to explore the play environment with safe boundaries and have secure relationships with the adults who care for them. The partnerships with other settings, professionals and parents promote the learning and welfare needs of the children. The setting's capacity for maintaining continual improvement is good. An in-depth focus on the strengths of the provision and areas for development result in clear priorities to promote effective outcomes for children."

Parental Involvement in the Nursery

Research shows that children learn better when their parents/carers are involved. We actively encourage parental involvement within the group on a regular basis, which gives parents/carers the opportunity to observe and join in with the group's activities, whilst also maintaining the high ratio of adults to children. The essential ongoing assessment of your children can only take place with the involvement of parents/carers. However, we understand that some parents/carers will not be able to help.